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 I created Gs Doodles in 2017 allowing me to put my love of cycling into images on paper. A professional illustrator with over 20 years working experience, I sat in a cafe mid ride and I thought why not? Lets give it a go!

Being a lover of cycling and inspired by the teams and riders of the past and present I set about creating my Molteni screen print and before I knew it I had a range. Fast forward a few months and I have mugs too!!

Each design is created by hand and printed professionally.

 I use ink rollers to create every background, leaving the raw edges as part of the design. There is something so lovely about the randomness of the marks created with each movement that I thought it such a shame to crop these out.

When Im not creating my prints I am illustrating books for children, encyclopaedia's, creating fun poster's and puzzle's. The skies the limit as long as the imagination allows it! 

 And if Im not in the studio doing any of that, I can usually be found in the forests and lanes of Somerset riding a bike!

I hope you enjoy looking round my store and more importantly find something you like...BUT

...If you like my style, but want something more specific, personalised, or un cycling related then drop me an email. 1 off designs are never a problem and ALWAYS welcomed!

Until then I hope too see you soon!

Happy Riding,